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Sarah + James – Friday, April 13, 2018

When Sarah called my cell phone to let me know she had arrived at Sacred Mountain for her tour, I was cruisin’ down Farmer Rd with one hand holding the phone to my ear and the other steering the golf cart flying down the hill with little control! “Hop on!” I yelled! I knew they were going to be fun! Sarah looked so put together and fashionable without even trying. She had her hair parted down the center and medium wash bell bottom jeans. Jamie had a big smile on his face and fun & energetic personality! He was making us laugh throughout the entire tour! When the tour was completed and we sat down to crunch prices and availability, things got serious. After finalizing the date and price to work with their budget, with a tear in her eye she said, “everyone always does nice things for Jamie”. I thought, no, this was for you! I reassured her that Sacred Mountain was making this work for the bride– for her!

I’m in a unique position where I get to meet the Bride and Groom when I tour them for Sacred Mountain before I am contracted to coordinate their wedding! This is special because I get to know them without having to sell myself. Even though, I am still selling Sacred Mountain — let’s be real, Sacred Mountain sells itself! After all of the venues that we have visited, there is nothing like Sacred Mountain! Four beautiful homes with clean and crisp white linens, 40ft pool, secret garden, incredible photo opportunities. This venue is a true Destination Wedding, Mountain Top. Did I forget to add it has Horse Stables on site and the most elegant “Old Rustic Barn” that you will ever see. Marti, the owner, has an incredible sense of style. The property embodies a very elegant Sonoma style ranch!

Throughout the whole planning process, Sarah was on her A-game. She was organized, on top of it, knew what she wanted, and made it happen! She made my job easy!

For her wedding we had the ceremony at the Sunset Plateau with the Circle Arch. The  Arch was decorated by Mary Bowerman’s Elements of Style company. Note, they do coordination, floral, and officiating! The aisles were dressed with a beautiful white sign with bible verses painted in black cursive letters. There was a floral arrangment hanging on the chairs in the aisle and an Unplugged sign at the front alerting guests to please turn their cellphones off during the ceremony. Lastly, this was a no kids allowed ceremony. Although this was slightly hard to manage as parents did not want to abide, we had a room set up with toys, games, movies, and a babysitter where the kids were told to  hang out!

Cocktail hour was down at the grassy Meadow with lawn games, white couches for lounging, drinks, appetizers, and tall standing belly bar tables.  The Reception was up at the Courtyard with 6ft rectangular banquet style tables and white linens (all provided by Sacred Mountain). Lanterns and votives were placed on the tables and then filled with greenery and floral blooms. We were able to light the lanterns but had a hard time keeping the votives lit with the wind!

The day before the wedding, Sarah had planned to go around the property with her bridesmaids and pick some greens for the reception tables but ended up running late and not having time to do this. The morning of the wedding, her maid of honor woke up early and helped me begin the set up. We put the tables, chairs, and linens in place. We put lanterns in place to hold down the linens as the wind was blowing! We hung the greenery covered circles above the cake table. I was so thankful for Nathalia’s help! After getting the Photo Booth set up, photographs, table decor for cocktail hour, sound system, games in place, etc. the only thing we were missing was greenery for the tables. I found some eucalyptus from the wedding the weekend before, but it just wasn’t sitting right. As I was looking around the property for greenery, I found the florist who happened to be the mother of Cassie B Band (performing live later during the reception. She had finished decorating the circle arch, floral arrangements on the chairs of the aisle, and giving the ladies their bouquets. I was stoked– I knew she could help me. Mary began snipping the greenery from the cedar tree. This material is much heavier so it would stay in place with the wind. She had extra blooms in her car that she filled throughout the greenery. I have to say, she saved the day! Even though it took me hours to put tables, chairs, linens, decor, build games, etc., the layout would have still seemed bare with Mary’s help and final touches!

What I learned the most from this wedding was the importance of team work, good relationships with vendors, and how full and beautiful greenery/florals are on the tables!

In all honesty, I had too much fun at this wedding. Sarah’s family and friends welcomed me into the event as a friend. Her Maid of Honor included me in the most amazing toast I have ever witnessed (link attached). Her family flew from Florida to celebrate this wonderful event! Thanks for having me Sarah & Jamie!! I wish you a lifetime of wedded bliss and I know the Lord will use you two as a light to this world! Lots of love!



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