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Stephanie + Derek – Saturday, June 2, 2018

Just thinking of how to start this blog to describe this couple and so many words come to mind! Wild, Fun, Adventurous, Focused, Sweet, Energetic, Giving, Open Hearted, Welcoming to name a few. After meeting with Steph & Derek at Ballast Point, I left questioning my own relationship. They are both outgoing, fun loving, extroverts. They made getting along, living together, marriage look easy. I wanted to their secret. Is the age old saying, “opposites attract” true? Or do couples who enjoy the same things and have similar personalities work better together? In the end I had to remember not to compare myself to two people who were lovingly and excitedly planning their special day!

Steph and Derek contracted me to do just pre wedding services, “we have a day of coordinator already” they insisted. We connected over the phone, at the venue, and back in San Diego to go over floor plan, layout, timeline, and checklist. Their Day Of was their caterer so my focus was pre wedding services. I ended up working their wedding for Sacred Mountain and was so glad that I did because I filled in as coordinator by setting up all their decor, checking on the bride & groom, making sure vendors arrived and knew where to go, ensured timeline was being followed, lined them up for ceremony, grand entrance, etc. I was glad I was there, knew the venue, knew the timeline, and especially knew the brides vision. Although, their caterer Miguel was amazing! He brought 7 men with him to set up tables, chairs, linens, place settings. I was totally impressed by their team of hard workers!

Derek is your typical blonde hair, blue eyed, white boy. Stephanie is your typical brown hair, brown eyed Mexican lady! We see these types of couples often in San Diego and all I can think about is how GORGEOUS their kids are going to be! These two are highschool sweethearts who are finally tying the knot! The unique part is that Derek speaks fluent Spanish and can communicate with everyone on Steph’s side! Of course Steph speaks fluent English, so they are perfectly bilingual!

Derek’s dad is an engineer and Steph’s dad works in the restaurant industry so they both had a lot to say regarding the setup of the Reception & Cocktail Hour. My job is to point out the pros and cons of both locations to find the perfect set up depending on the couples vision for their wedding. Things to think about are– where will the bride & groom do their Grand Entrance, will the caterers be able to move around to the kitchen and back, will guests have enough room to walk around, will anyone need extra services getting up and down to different locations, do we need a bar at multiple locations, etc. Given that I know Sacred Mountain like the back of my hand, coming up with a perfect layout is never too hard.

Stephanie and Derek are both extroverts and both like being the center of attention. This was made especially know by their friends! The speeches made by the best man and maid of honor were hilarious and full of inside jokes, humor, energy and love! Everyone started dancing before sunset and continued dancing until 10:00pm when the DJ left. Steph & Derek enjoyed being lifted on chairs while the crowd attempted to knock them down. This is part of a Mexican Tradition called Vibora Del Amar. I had never seen it before but was amazed at how long Derek was managed standing on the chair before the moshpit of men finally knocked him down.

When we came back to the reception from Sunset Photos, Steph’s dad had a surprise waiting. There was a live mariachi band playing! The guests loved it! They had so much fun dancing the night away!

For Cocktail Hour decor we had small white lanterns and gold mercury votives with a hint of greenery. For Reception the florist brought in huge floral arrangements of white flowers and greenery. It was absolutely gorgeous, mature, stunning, elegant!




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