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Matt + Megan – August 25, 2018

Wow oh wow oh wow. Where to begin?! Planning my own wedding– Okay, not going to lie: I had no idea how much work this was! Helping the bride coordinate and telling her what she needs to do is MUCH different than actually doing it yourself. And I mean okay, all the big things: securing the vendors, paying them, sure– that’s easy. It’s the small things!! What jewelry am I going to wear? What shoes? What are my bridesmaids going to wear? Are the groomsmen going to get the right clothes? Can they even afford it? I still need a ring bearer pillow and flower girl baskets! Etc. etc. etc. It’s a lot!

This was such a perfect experience as I begin my Wedding Planning Business to REALLY understand what the bride goes through and that is why I offer ring bearer pillow, flower girl baskets, table numbers, etc! Because those are the small things that you really don’t want to have to worry about!

I was more excited about just being married– or really having an event where everyone actually came! People don’t always come to girls nights, or birthday parties, but no one misses your wedding!! I was excited to finally get to live with my man aka not pay rent anymore! Haha I couldn’t wait to begin our life together and start a family and begin our traditions!

I didn’t realize how much I loved florals until it was my time to pick my flowers for the wedding! I didn’t realize just how AMAZING and truly special & wonderful your wedding day really is. I never understood: “best day ever” until it was my turn. And let me tell you, it was the best day ever! All of my favorite people, in one space, celebrating me! There’s nothing more I could ever ask for!!

I planned an early ceremony at 2:00pm because I wanted to make sure the day was long and the party never ended! I’m so glad I did this because the best part about the whole day was when all of the small events (first dances, garter toss, bouquet toss) were finally over and it was time to just ENJOY. Enjoy the people who were there to celebrate, relax and know there’s nothing more I need to do, watch all of the people from every walk of life meet and get to know each other, see the mixing of families! It was truly spectacular.

The wedding day is  LONG day and even for someone like me, high energy, sleeps well every night, I could barely sleep the night before and I was exhausted that day!! But it is still a day that you never want to end and that you wish to relive every day– so plan ahead, hire a good vendor team, and make sure you have enough time to just ENJOY!!!



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