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Steph + Mike – August 29, 2018

Steph & Mike toured a year before they finally popped back up in my inbox ready to book Sacred Mountain. Right before their tour we began to get very popular and were booking many tours. We were attempting to see how tours would go if we schedule two couples at the same, or even three. Very quickly we found out that it’s best to have each couple tour by themselves to ensure they are getting the attention they deserve. It just so happens that Steph & Mike toured with TWO other couples!!! And it just so happens that all three couples booked Sacred Mountain! I guess you could say I’m an excellent resource πŸ™‚

Working with Steph & Mike was wonderful. They are both very detail oriented, confident in their design, organized, and to the point. They were both sweet, cheerful, and pleasant throughout the entire planning process. The planned every aspect with incredible detail. Stephanie even created the most beautiful itinerary to explain to guests and show images for what the day will hold for the guests. Even with a small ceremony, the wanted an elaborate floral runway that went beyond the chairs and curved at the end. It was so gorgeous!

We did have two incidents occur– the bees at Sacred Mountain had attacked the cocktail hour so it was my job to stand behind the food and fan the bees away! The guests were very appreciative. Who would have thought that bees were such a fan of brie cheese? We had the venue staff hang bee traps and the problem was remedied rather quickly!

The other incident that needed remedying was that the caterer offered to bring all of the florals up to the venue to help the bride & groom avoid delivery fees– WELL if the florist does not come to the venue then there is NO FLORIST TO SET UP THE VENUE!!! The ceremony set up was around 100+ tiny toothpicks of florals that needed to be arranged for the elaborate runway– guess who ended up setting all of these up? Yup, me! Luckily I had come 2 hours early to make sure everything was perfect and had time to spare! No stress here πŸ™‚

With weddings, I always come early and prepared because with such a large event, so many details– big & small, and so many vendors, there is alway something that pops up!

The bride & groom loved everything and the event ran flawlessly!


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