Large gatherings of all your closest loved ones is what I live for!
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'Love is patient, love is kind.'

Megan McKinney

Wedding Coordinator

I’ve always believed Happiness is a momentary feeling while Joy is a conscious act to absorb & release positivity, gratefulness & appreciation for even the littlest nuggets of good in this world. Joy is infectious & makes people feel like they can be themselves & loved & accepted no matter what. Joy is being surrounded by all of your family, closest friends, & loved ones who come together to celebrate your union to the person who fills your heart with love. I never fully understood Joy, my middle name, until I left the rain and moved to the sun where my extended family lives and where my fiance was waiting for me! Megan Joy Events offers you a Joyful experience when planning your wedding!


Cheers to you, and may your wedding planning be filled with joy!

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