Large gatherings of all your closest loved ones is what I live for!
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Alyssa & John 10/11/19 Japanese Friendship Garden

Alyssa is also a dream bride & human! I met her for the first time when I was pregnant and planning a natural birth. She had a natural birth with her daughter and was very encouraging. She is also very educated in the birth world from natural birth, lactation consulting, and support groups. I really loved being able to connect with her as a pregnant woman, mother, and bride. Her color palette was centered around a Merlot, Red Wine, Fuschia color. This was the same as my wedding. Her...

Steph + Mike – August 29, 2018

Steph & Mike toured a year before they finally popped back up in my inbox ready to book Sacred Mountain. Right before their tour we began to get very popular and were booking many tours. We were attempting to see how tours would go if we schedule two couples at the same, or even three. Very quickly we found out that it’s best to have each couple tour by themselves to ensure they are getting the attention they deserve. It just so happens that Steph & Mike toured...